Five plus years of training myself for endurance athletics with mixed results I found myself wanting to do an Iron distance event, but really having no idea what to do. I thought maybe I can pay for a training peaks plan from Dave Scott , or maybe hire one of those coaches with different tiers of coaching. You get x amount of phone calls, x amount of emails, and you end up with a Coach/Athlete who trains you the way that got them to Kona. The problem was I didn't have anything in common with those people, and I didn't want a person who wasn't going to put ME and MY GENETICS FIRST! Seven months of training with Bob Willix I would have to say I made the best athletic decision of my life. Bob is SELFLESS. There are few people in this world that embody this word but Bob is one of them. He has experience at every distance, and enough unique workouts to keep training lively, but his availability is unparalleled. Bob is there for you, and that's what the best Coaches do. I went from dreading my weekly workouts when I self-trained, to looking forward to Sunday evening when the customized weekly work gets posted. Bob took the stress of Coaching yourself completely out of the equation, and made my life so much more enjoyable as a Triathlete. I am no longer in that rut of being overtrained, always worrying if I have done enough because I heard someone else is doing more. I know I have!

Thanks for everything!!

Jeff C.

There are many in the endurance world that believe that the best investment you can make as an endurance athlete is to hire a coach. While I agree with this statement, I will take it a step further by saying the best move you can make is to hire the “right” coach. 

Over the course of the past year, I have been fortunate enough to be under the mentorship of Bob. He has taken the time to build a personal relationship with me, understand my hectic schedule and build a personalized plan around those things. We all live busy lives and struggle to find extra time. With that said, a huge key to your training lies in finding a coach who understands that fact and plans a realistic schedule for you. 

With Bob you’re getting more than a service. You’re getting an expert who wants you to achieve your goals and takes the time to build personal relationships with his athletes. He truly made all the difference in my training and there’s no way I would have achieved my goals without his help.​  
      Josh E.