1. Do I have to be a seasoned athlete to sign up?
No! I have coached everyone from seasoned Ironman athletes to beginners who have never done a triathlon, 5k, etc. 

 Is there a minimum amount of time I have to sign up?
6 month minimum 

 Do I need a  Training Peaks account?
No, but it is free with my coaching package. If you already have a Training Peaks  account then we'll continue using your current one so that I can see your    historical data, which helps tremendously in getting you set up.

Do you have any other experts that you rely on?
 Yes! I have a team that I rely on because no one can be an expert in everything, so depending on your needs in nutrition, physical therapy, massage or Chiropractic, I will call on my team for assistance. See some of their links on the partner page. 

 What if I am not an athlete but just want to get healthier, lose weight, and feel better?
This is a specialty of mine and we'll formulate a custom package to fit your  needs.  I love seeing lives transformed through knowledge, motivation and hard work!

 What if I don't live in Raleigh, NC?
That's ok; with todays technology it's almost like I'm there anyway! We can talk on the phone, email, and skype when necessary.