​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​One-on-One & Group Training

  • One-on-one training including nutrition, life coaching, etc:  rate of $50 per hour. This is for the person that just needs help in one area and doesn't want to sign up for a full package.  Video analysis available for running and swimming.

Fitness Coaching package:  

  • Access to coach via email, text and phone

  • For the person who needs to get in shape, lose weight, and change their lifestyle but doesn't want to do an event

  • no formal endurance coaching to prepare for a race

  • nutrition accountability through various apps like FitBit, My Fitnesspal, etc.

  • $100/month

Willix Health Coaching Packages
All athletes have differing needs. After the initial athlete evaluation, whether that's over phone or in person, we will customize a coaching package specifically for your individual needs to meet your specific goals!  

All Coaching packages include:

  • Free Trainin Peaks online account: downloaded analysis of Garmin, Polar,HR, Power, etc. data
  • Skype availability on individual basis
  • Individual coaching sessions available upon request
  • Weekly delivered CUSTOM training plan (not canned workouts from some training website)
  • Customized race plan with specific goals for the year
  • Unlimited email access per week from coach
  • Unlimited phone calls per week with coach
  • Quarterly athlete in person (depending on location) evaluation follow-up to work on swimming, running or cycling specifics
  • If regionally located, I'll attend 1 of your "A" races per season if my schedule permits!
  • $175/month w/6 month minimum committment