Bob has been racing and training since he was 14.  He has been blessed with a family that is very active and was able to exercise his entire life.  He started running long distance at the age of 14 to stay in shape for wrestling season, then kept going from there.  After that, he began cycling and instantly fell in love with the sport. After racing enough to become a CAT III road racer, he began his triathlon years in the late 80's.

After training for several years and working up to his dream of doing the Ironman, he had an unfortunate accident that injured his leg 2 weeks before his Ironman qualifier.  After his recovery  his friends convinced him that the Ironman idea was "silly" and he should move on.

In college Bob started lifting weights,  and took that to the next level and became the 1991 Mr. University of Florida Bodybuilding Champion. Getting 3 degrees from University of Florida, he has a B.S in Psychology with a minor in Sports Psychology, a B.S in Nursing, and a Master's in Exercise Physiology with a Minor's in Nutrition.

Married for over 26 yrs with 2 beautiful boys, Bob realized that his dream of Ironman should never have been put on the shelf, and in '08 competed in the Lake Placid Ironman. To date has competed in 9 Ironmans, RAAM  and 4 Ultraman including the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii!

 Becoming certified as a Triathlon coach was the first step in what Bob knew was the plan for his life.  Bob has trained  athletes of all ability levels over the years and can't wait to help you. In an effort to keep quality as high as possible,  his athlete limit is 7 so that he can give each one the personal attention that he feels they need to succeed.

P.S.: Check out the Ultraman Florida video that Nick Lilly created with liquid sunshine creations!

Willix Health Systems was started with the idea that most people never realize the full potential that is in them and therefore never get close to achieving it!

Bob has enjoyed competing, training, and racing since the age of 14.  After 4 Ultraman races, 9 Ironman races, Race Across America (RAAM),  numerous marathons, triathlons and Cat III Road Races, he is looking forward to helping you!

We hope that you enjoy this next stage of your life and Willix Health Systems looks forward to helping you achieve all that you've dreamed!

We are excited about your next steps as you tackle your next big  adventure!  Please contact us at  or call  919.637.6931 if you have any questions.

Coach Bob
B.S.N, Masters Exercise Science
Certified USAT Coach with Youth/Junior Certification